Our members are our club.  Without them we are just a glorified sandpit.  So in the upcoming months we are going to put some extra effort in organizing some member benefits with our partner companies.  Definitely watch this spot.


We will be posting more information in the coming weeks as we get up and running so stay tuned and make sure that you have liked our Facebook page. :-) 


Game Fees:

We run many different competitions and events so there may be changes all the time.  But here is an outline of the cost of playing beach volleyball.

2 a side:  $13 per person per game (updated 3/6/21)

4 a side:  $12 per person per game (updated 3/6/21)

Coaching:  Friday nights from 6pm till 8pm.  Still the best way to improve your volleyball. And is only $10


Juniors competition will kick off again soon.  Thursday nights from 6pm.


It is $40 per year for our club membership which also includes a free gift. (updated 3/6/21)


More nights and comps will be available soon. 


All our games are run professionally to time and are reffed.

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